Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Back from a wonderful honeymoon in Indonesia!

Hi everyone! In case you were wondering why my last blog post is already more than a month old, I was away on a very lovely honeymoon in Indonesia :). We had a really great time there, got totally relaxed and saw some pretty amazing stuff. I'll share just a few pics, so you can get an idea on how lovely Indonesia is (photo's are made by my wonderful husband :)). We spend most of our time travelling around in Bali, then we paid one of the Gili islands (a much longer than originally planned, but it was just so darn beautiful and relaxed there) visit for some excellent diving and finally we paid a lightning visit to the Komodo islands to view the famous dragons and do some more diving/snorkelling. And of course there was some fabric shopping involved as well, see the end of this post :).

Beautiful greener than green rice fields around Ubud:

Enjoying some traditional music and dance shows:

Monkey temple in Ubud...

...with lots and lots of monkeys. We couldn't decide whether they were cute or scary...

More beautiful rice fields in Munduk, where I had quite a view to enjoy while knitting (I took my knitting with me, more on that in an upcoming post):



Flowers play an important role in Bali's Hindu ceremonial offerings:

I fell in love with Gili Air. Such a relaxed little island without the cars, such gorgeous views onto Lombok and Bali, such lovely people and such amazing diving. 


Visiting Komodo's dragons (humongous, almost 3-meter long lizards) and another lovely sunset from Laboan Bajo:


Of course Indonesia brought me some nice additions to my fabric closet as well:

Ikat! Handmade by a local family, who also gave us a demonstration on how it was made (I had no idea how much work it is!). Don't know yet what I'll make of it, maybe a maxi-skirt for next summer?
I also bought some plain handwoven ikat, with just two colors of thread woven together, such that the fabric looks different from every angle. I'm guessing this will end up as a dress :).

We had an amazing three weeks, and I'm still struggling a bit to adjust to cold, rainy Germany at the start of autumn. But I must admit it is also great to be reunited with my sewing machine :). After reading my way through about 300 stacked up sewing blog posts my hands were itching to get going again. Read all about that and my new knit-addiction in my next post :).


  1. Great pics! Funny thing: I was in Indonesia as well this summer but somehow brought 20m of fabric, mostly silks and cotton batik. It was sooo hard to resist buying it since the colours and designs were SOOO different from what you can buy in Europe.

    1. What a coincidence! We could have bumped into each other :). Ooh, 20m of fabric, I'm jealous... I didn't have that much space left in my backpack and at home also not that much closet space, so I had to resist. But I must say I didn't find any silk. But then again, we didn't have enough time to really go shopping, unfortunately ;). Am curious to see what you make with your fabric!


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